Islamic Education


Jamia Arabia talimul quran khanozai district pishin balochistan Pakistan which is registered under societies registration act, I860 with registration No# 429 of August 1984.islamic education is an integral part of national education system of pakistan. Jamia Arabia talimul quran khanozai receive government aid and fulfil prescribed conditions of the state authorities like the certificate of registration under societies registration act and National islamic board of Pakistan. In khanozai madrasah English and sciences subjects have been introduced. Students having recognized diplomas from khanozai madrasah due to which students also entitled to obtain transfer themselves from khanozai madrasah to colleges and universities. In order to induce students to English education khanozai madrasah is introduced by the English language and English was made compulsory subject. There for it is called New Scheme Madrasah. In its syllabi were included all Islamic subjects and vernaculars. khanozai madrasahs had two streams, junior and senior. The junior madrasahs taught up to class five and senior up to secondary level . Due to financial problem khanozai madrasah is only working on juniors stream but now he is trying to adopt the senior stream, but the islamic studies diplomas of khanozai madrasah is equillent to FA and it is recognize be Govt of pakistan. therefore students can joins to government jobs and services.
Madrasah derived from an Arabic word darsun meaning lesson, is a Muslim educational institution, a centre for studies, teaching, research etc. In its popular usage, the term stands for an institution specializing in the teaching of the Arabic language and Islamic studies. The primariy stage of madrasah is called Maqtab or Nurani Madrasah or Furqania Madrasah (‘Furqan’ is derived from Al-Furqan) . The primary education centres giving lessons on reading and reciting the Holy Quran are known as Darse Quran. Usually the local mosques serve as the centres for primary education for boys and girls of nearby families. The imams and muazzins of local mosques work as teachers.
Khanozai madrasah is self-supported madrasah and financed by sadiqa, zakat and with the help of peoples of karazat khanozai ,not any NGO or other government or piravate sector funds for khanozai madrasah.
The first head Maulvi of the khanozai Madrasah was Maulvi abdul zahir sahab. Now he is the chairman of committee of madrasah.

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